Sour Worms

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Take a journey throughout Florida, a land and assortment of flavors that will surely pique your curiosities! From The Key’s Key Melon Chill, to the Melting Pot of Miami Beach through our Mixed Berry, Sunbaked takes you on a trip without ever needing to leave your home. Find yourself entering a world of flavor with Sunbaked Goods’ Sour Worms! Great to take with you when watching the Heat win game after game at the famous FTX arena! Energizing terpenes meet juicy berry flavors for a fun night out to post about!

Each of our Delta-8 THC Sour Worms gummies has 25mg (milligrams) of Delta-8 THC and 0mg of CBD. There are two sour worms in each package. Each worm is a sour, fruity, sweet treat.

∆8THC Content Per Gummy: 25MG
Total ∆8THC Content: 50MG minis, 250MG full-sized